Hotel De Steenberg will be our new four star project. The well known Corona virus caused some delay and even though we'd love to just let the bulldozersdo their jobs, we prefer to do it right on the first try. The 10 months we had to close both our hotels left scars but mostly 
forced us to step back a little. This will be our biggest project yet, quite the challenge, but we did not forget how it all started. Hard work and 
common sense brought us were we are today. And we're going to this right.

In the meantime we received new guide lines concerning building regulations etc, that we will keep in mind.
Via this website we want to keep you updated.


Blijf op de hoogte van ons laatste nieuws!

MAASHOTELS - De Steenberg

   Dalerweg 2 - 3640 Kinrooi

 0032 (0)89 32 12 70

 info [at] despaenjerd [dot] be