Either for excursions by foot, by bike or even by car, De Spaenjerd is located just perfectly.

We have beautiful walking routes that start from our hotel and go along the river to Maaseik or Thorn.
Our region is known for it's 3-country bicycle route network.

Another thing worth considering: within 20 minutes by car you can reach Roermond, Maastricht or Maasmechelen Village.

Kinrooi is a perfect stop for a bike- and/or hike vacation. There's lots of cultural attractions, or excursions to participate in.

We'd like to suggest these attractions to you:

If you take your car, the following cities are definitely worth checking out:
Maaseik, Thorn, Maastricht, Roermond, Maasmechelen Village

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MAASHOTELS - De Spaenjerd

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